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22 October 2014 – The second edition of the Geneva Peace Talks took place on 19 September 2014 and was a resounding success! The event was hosted at the Palais des Nations at full capacity. The Geneva Peace Talks featured a diverse array of speakers that contributed their personal stories and unique ideas.

Geneva Peace Talks 2014 videos

A Geneva Peace Talks 2014 live webcast was available for those who could not make it to the event. In addition, the HD videos of the Geneva Peace Talks and all of the individual speakers are now up on the Peace Talks website!

For those that were not able to catch the webcast, the videos are a good opportunity to watch the event and see what all the excitement was about. Watch Plantu draw cartoons on stage for peace or listen to Eman and Matti’s engaging stories from Gaza as they present their photographs taken from war zones. If you have already watched the 2014 Geneva Peace Talks, last year’s edition of the Geneva Peace Talks is also available on the website! Watch the inaugural event and see it has grown over the past year. All of the Peace Talks videos can be viewed here.

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