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At the first-ever Ottawa Peace Talks speakers from diverse backgrounds and professions will share their personal stories that show how respect for diversity is essential to building peaceful and inclusive societies both at home and abroad.

Organized under the theme “Let’s build peace through diversity”, the Ottawa Peace Talks aim to inspire reflection and discussion about how diversity can promote more peaceful societies through inclusion, both in Canada and globally. This event marks the first time the Peace Talks is held in Canada. Speakers coming from diverse backgrounds will share their personal experiences, stories and ideas to highlight the importance of building peace through broad and diverse participation. The Ottawa Peace Talks will also look at the role of individual Canadians, and Canada as a whole, to support greater inclusion for peace at home and at the global level.

Speakers appearing at the Ottawa Peace Talks:

Adrienne Clarkson – 26th Governor General of Canada (1999-2005)

The Honourable Maryam Monsef – Minister of Democratic Institutions, Canada

Alaa Murabit – Founder, Voices of Libyan Women

Désirée McGraw – Director of Pearson College

Erum Hasan – Refugee Sponsor

Giovanna Mingarelli – CEO & Co-Founder of MCrowdsourcing Canada

Hamoon Ektihiari – Director of Strategy & Innovation, Office of the Executive Vice President at TELUS and Founder of Audacious Futures

Maryam Monsef – Minister of Democratic Institutions

Michele Brandt – Director of Interpeace’s Constitution-Making for Peace Programme

Nisreen Ismail – Immigration and Resettlement Specialist

Roberta Jamieson – President & CEO of Indspire

Roméo Dallaire – Lieutenant-General (Re’d) and humanitarian

For full biographies of the speakers, click here

Also featuring Music by Emmanuel Jal – Former child soldier turned recording artist

ABOUT THE PEACE TALKS Tuesday 19 April 2016 18.00 – 20.00 local time (GMT-4)

The Peace Talks is an initiative that contributes to a dialogue about peace. The Peace Talks began in 2013, with the first-ever Geneva Peace Talks being co-organized by the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform and Interpeace.

The Ottawa Peace Talks are co-organized by The Global Centre for Pluralism and Interpeace, with the support of the Ottawa hub of the Global Shapers, One World Dialogue and Mirabaud.



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