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Africa Leading for Peace

The 2019 Oxford Peace Talks is organized under the theme: Africa Leading for Peace, and held in honour of Kofi Annan, the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations and founder of the Kofi Annan Foundation.  Through a series of 8-minute talks, young Africans will share their personal stories and experiences, to highlight their efforts to promote peace in Africa. The Oxford Peace Talks will also help shift the needle on the narrative of Africa being a continent in need to a continent of global relevance with best practices and models of peace. Speakers come from across different professional and personal backgrounds to emphasize that each and every one of us, regardless of our age and background, can contribute to promoting peace in our communities and beyond. This is something Kofi Annan strongly believed in as he often said: “You are never too young to lead and never too old to learn”.

This is the first time the Peace Talks travels to a university campus. This is a satellite event of the 9th edition of the Oxford Africa Conference (OAC).

Kofi Annan’s legacy is an illustration of the essence of the Peace Talks’ theme: his contribution to peace has truly transcended borders and has contributed to asserting Africa’s relevance globally.

Location: The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Mansfield College
Date: 16/05/2019
Time : 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm


Sadat Zagah Zziwa

Sadat Zagah Zziwa is a former gang member, who has become a peace ambassador. Sadat is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building at the Islamic Call University College of Kampala, Uganda. Sadat is also a Team leader and Co-founder of the Ngabo Youth Friendly Service Centre, a youth-led organization aimed at championing the access, availability and utilization of quality youth friendly services across the country, through comprehensive approaches geared towards increasing participation in governance. He recruits gangsters and people from the ghetto in order to engage them productively and contribute to the country’s development.

Ilwad Elman

Ilwad Elman is Extremely Together’s Young Leaders from Somalia and the Director of Programs & Development for the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre in Somalia. She co-founded the first rape crisis centre for survivors of sexual and gender based violence, designing interventions aimed at security sector reform to create an inclusive space for women in peace building, and developing programs for the disarmament and rehabilitation of child soldiers and adults defecting from armed groups for their socio-economic empowerment, rehabilitation and reintegration. She has served as the One Young World Ambassador to Somalia since 2013 and she completed President Barrack Obama’s flagship White House fellowship for Young African Leaders in 2014. Ilwad additionally briefed the UN Security Council on the Protection of Civilians debate; co-wrote the Youth Action Agenda on Countering Violent Extremism which she presented at the Leaders’ Summit at the UN General Assembly.

Fatima Al Ansar

Fatima Al Ansar is the current youngest Malian diplomat, a social entrepreneur and activist for girls’ education and women’s rights. She is currently serving as head of mission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. She is the founder of Tilwalte Girls Peace Network which empowers girls to be peace ambassadors through entrepreneurship, leadership and peace building trainings and those girls are back to their communities to create different peace building network throughout Mali. In addition to being an alumna of the Oxford Consortium on Human Rights, she was a MasterCard Foundation Scholar and also studied at the African Leadership Academy and Trinity College. Fatima is passionate about writing and her latest article “Feminization of African Politics “got published by Project Syndicate and translated in eight different languages.

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