It’s time for peace!


18 September 2015

4:30 – 6:30 PM CET

Palais des Nations, Geneva

How can we learn from past peace efforts to support peacebuilding initiatives taking place today?

The theme of the 2015 Geneva Peace Talks was “It’s Time For Peace!“. In light of daily news headlines about war and violent conflict, the Geneva Peace Talks 2015 highlighted the urgency to support peace efforts around the world. The Geneva Peace Talks looked back on past peace efforts, learn more about ongoing initiatives and draw conclusions for the future of peacebuilding. Speakers shared innovative ways to strengthen peace and prevent violent conflict – now and in the future.

Speakers came from violent and divided environments and have diverse backgrounds such as science, art, business, and more. They shared their personal stories of peace and how they are making a difference in peacebuilding efforts.

The Geneva Peace Talks is a public event organized on the occasion of the International Day of Peace in a partnership between the United Nations Office at Geneva, Interpeace and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform.

Meet the people of the 2015 Geneva Peace Talks


Isabelle Zakman


Rashad Ali

United Kingdom

Alexia Bonato


Tareke Bhrane

Eritrea - Italy

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