Maiwen Ngalueth

South Sudan

“I always wake up in the morning and imagine how the services we provide as humanitarians could help a child somewhere, to push their lives and futures forward for a mile or two, exactly like what someone else did to mine.”

Maiwen Ngalueth is a humanitarian and peace professional from South Sudan. In his talk, he shares his remarkable journey as a displaced person, highlights the power of persistence and how actions by individuals can make the difference in the lives of people they may never meet.

Maiwen Ngalueth is a South Sudanese humanitarian professional, with interest in peace and humanitarian aid. For more than a decade, Maiwen has worked for leading organisations, including MSF, UNHCR, ICRC, and currently with Geneva Call, where he is in charge of coordinating programmes for the East Africa region. He also co-founded the Abyei Peace & Human Rights Organization (APHRO), an NGO that works towards enhancing peaceful dialogue between communities along the Sudan-South Sudan borders.

Maiwen grew up in Khartoum as an internally displaced person (IDP) for most of his life. As an IDP, Maiwen went to Catholic missionary schools in Khartoum that provided education to children of displaced families.

Currently residing in Geneva as a refugee, Maiwen co-founded the Refugee Advocacy Network (R.A.N), a refugee-led NGO that works towards enhancing the participation of refugees in discussions about policies and laws that affect their lives.