What does peace mean to you?

Geneva PeaceTalks 2022

How do you define peace? As our planet continues to experience conflict in different forms – whether through outright war or systemic discrimination, how can we keep shaping peace? A good place to start is reflecting on our own definition of peace.

The 10th edition of the PeaceTalks will take place on the International Day of Peace (21 September 2022) at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. As a hybrid event it will welcome an in-person audience and be livestreamed online.

“What does peace mean to you?”, the theme from the first ever Geneva PeaceTalks held in 2013 will be revisited by the speakers as 2022 marks the 10th edition of this event. In parallel, the official United Nations’ theme for the International Day of Peace, “End racism. Build peace.” will underpin the event.

Racism and all forms of discrimination prevent the building of societies where all members can flourish. Entrenched hierarchies between humans, and between nature and humans, continue to cause undue harm to all living creatures on our planet. The dismantling of discriminatory structures is key to support equality and human rights everywhere. As our world faces more upheaval and uncertainty on all fronts, it is urgent for humans to choose compassion and empathy over suspicion and hatred.

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Amadou Dabitao

Amadou Dabitao

France - Mali
Wasim Almasri - Allmep - PeaceTalks UN Geneva - International Day of Peace

Wasim Almasri

Amad Mian co-founder of Dastaangoi

Amad Mian

Canada - Pakistan
Xavier Dami

Xavier Dami